Pool Barrier Inspections Melbourne

Statistically, over 2.7 million Australians live in a house with a pool. Any land owner with a pool or spa on their premises is required by law to register the pool with their local council. They are also mandated to issue a certificate of barrier compliance, stating that the barriers around their pool meet the compliance standards. Contact Pool Barrier Inspections Victoria, and we will handle this whole process for you.

Out of the twenty-seven drownings in Victoria since 2000, twelve involved children who were not even residents on that property. It is very important that we all ensure the safety of those around us by complying with pool barrier inspections in Melbourne.

All You Need to Know About Melbourne Pool Fence Safety Inspections

How do you register your pool and get a safety compliance certificate? We understand that the process seems complicated, so we step in to make it as simple as possible. Below are the answers to frequently asked questions from our previous customers:

  • How does the process work? Firstly, you must register your pool or spa with your local council. You can do this on their website or by calling them. When you receive a letter or email confirmation from them, you can phone us to do the pool fence inspections in Victoria. If your pool area is not compliant, you will have sixty days to make any necessary changes. After this, our inspector will return, and if everything is good, we will submit a compliance certificate to the council.
  • What is “date of construction” referring to? Your relevant council determines the date of construction and refers to the date you constructed your pool or spa, which will determine the compliance checklist that your pool needs to meet. You will either need to comply with the checklist for “before 1994”, “from 1994 to 2010”, or “2010 to 2021”, but we will handle these logistics.
  • Is it compulsory to register my pool? Yes. Regardless of whether you have children, a land owner needs to register any pool or spa of a depth of 300 millimetres or more. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine or penalty fee.
  • How long does the registration last? By registering your pool or spa, it will be on the register permanently unless someone removes it. Once we have submitted your certificate of barrier compliance to your council, this will also be permanent.

Whether you have a large swimming pool or a shallow spa, swimming pool barrier inspections will ensure they meet compliance standards. It is all made simple with Pool Barrier Inspections Victoria.

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